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Announcing the LA.Startup Package for Entrepreneurs

Published on March 14th, 2016 by LA.Center (Canan) in Posting

Welcome, my name is Canan and I am the VP for Business Development here at LA.Center. As we started our venture one of our conditions for investment was to help other startups; and now 10% of our investment/income is used as Burn-Money for other new startup companies that need a little boost in getting started. Yes, we are a new starting company that burns 10% of our investment/income on other entrepreneurs to start their own business. Why you ask? The answer is simple: Two is stronger than One; we aim to create long lasting relationships that later evolve into innovating synergies. Together we can make an impact in the world.

The LA.Startup Package

We have designed a package specially for young female entrepreneurs (but anyone can join) and I am excited to announce it today. If you have an idea and want to enter the exciting and sometimes frightening realm of running your own high-tech business then you should consider this package.

How does the LA.Startup Package work?

First of all you need to be ready to become an entrepreneur and dedicate a certain amount of time to be successful. Running a business can sometimes be difficult but one thing is sure, you’ll have a colorful fulfilling life and lot’s of fun when you use the right tools, get lots of help from the right people, and share your experience with others. I know the feeling, you are energized, hyped and want to make an impact in the world and help others. It is a good feeling.

Well, let’s get started step by step:

  1. First get the right tools by signing up for our Starter Plan - Click Here (IMPORTANT: LA.Startup Package is ONLY VALID for Starter Plan)
  2. Now that you have the right tools, start collaborating with us by sending me your idea to, if you don’t know yet what you want to create, that’s fine too, we have here a list of apps and services that we think should come out asap and we are happy to pitch one for you.
  3. Now let’s get to work! We have 4 engineers that are dedicated to help you Design, Create, and even Code your idea completely for free. You are never lost, they will make sure that your idea becomes an app or service and succeeds. (Burn Value: $1000-$5000)
  4. In the mean time, find a good domain name, because we will pay your domain name for the first year. (Burn Value: $15)
  5. Now you need to setup a host for your domain, no problem, we provide fully managed free hosting for the first year and setup for you Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla for free so you can start your website and/or blog. (Burn-Value: $200)
  6. You are almost done, now that you have an app or service and a website, you need to be able to sell your product online. For that, we help you to setup an account on and show you how to integrate it to your website. (Burn-Value: $25)
  7. Finally, I personally will help and guide you through some marketing tricks to make sure you get noticed in the world, of course LA.Center will mention you as a success story in Twitter, Google, and Facebook campaigns. (Burn-Value: $250-$1000)

We are investing up to $8000 per person, Seed-Start your business/idea so to speak, and by helping you get started and grow your future, we are investing in our own future. Makes sense right? We are ready, are you?

Important: You may need to register a vehicle of trade (a company or self-employment tax register) to get a account.

Feel free to contact me at for more information.

Thank you for dropping by.