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How to get started with LA.TweetBoss

Published on May 21st, 2016 by LA.Center (Jenny) in LA.TweetBoss

Hi there, thank you for dropping by. In this post I would like to get you started with LA.TweetBoss. Before we start, let me give you a small history of the development of LA.TweetBoss.

We are a startup focused on Live Apps technology, which includes a Grid/Cloud (Native Cloud), Live Apps SDK, and a very advance delivery system that allows developers to create Native apps that run on the Cloud. Even though we have a very unique attractive technology, entering/creating a market is not that simple. This is where Social-Marketing plays a great role for us, or any startup I would think.

Social-Marketing is a very effective way to get your message out to the world and get noticed quickly. We have tried Facebook, Google+, and Twitter and noticed that Twitter generated the best results for us in web traffic and sales.

I am in charge of marketing and for the last 3 months I used Twitter effectively to market our products and services. One handicap I had was that the Twitter website or the TweetDeck tool are not really handy for marketing. They are designed to read and tweet on a personal level. I discovered over 100 different Twitter tools for business but somehow all of them provided only 1-2 Twitter specific solutions. For example, a tool to find out who your Droppers are, a tool for sending a message to your new Followers, etc. within a month I ended up using 6 different Twitter tools. In time, I started to work more on the tools than focusing on the marketing.

To overcome this senseless exhausting work I decided to design a tool specifically to professionally use Twitter for marketing and lead generation. With the help of our exceptional R&D Team we created and recently released our LA.TweetBoss app and I am loving it.

Now let’s get you started too.

First, if you not have already, download LA.Store from It is a only small (7-12 Mb) installation and is available for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Once installed, you can launch the Free Version and/or create a Live Shortcut for the LA.TweetBoss app on your computer so you don’t have to start LA.Store each time you want to use the app.

To be able to use and Tweet LA.TweetBoss you need to setup your Twitter account and give an authorization to LA.TweetBoss. Each Twitter account that you want to add to LA.TweetBoss needs to be authorized only once. Assuming you have already a Twitter account, here are the authorization steps.

  1. Step – You need to Follow @liveappscenter on Twitter. This is not a way for us to get more Followers, it is required because we will send you a Private Direct Message that contains your login information and we can’t send you a message unless you follow us. We choose this method because we don’t want to bother you and ask you for your email during the verification process.
  2. Step – Navigate your browser to and login to Twitter to authorize LA.TweetBoss app. Unfortunately Twitter does not allow any other way of authorization.
  3. Step – Now navigate your browser to and click on your Direct Messages and you will see a message from LA.Center containing your Login Information.
  4. Step – Enter your Login Information and click on the “Add” button.

Now you are ready to use LA.TweetBoss. You can add multiple accounts the same way and you need to authorize each account only once.

On the left side you can see your Twitter Accounts and on the right side you have the Counters, Timelines, Network, Queues, and Clicks tabs. You need to select an account before you can see your Timeline or Tweet something. The selected/active account will turn orange. LA.TweetBoss is fairly simple to use but I will start to write more about the different awesome features for the next few days.

One last note for this post, LA.TweetBoss is free for personal use and we even included LA.TweetGate – Local Edition that will tweet your scheduled Local Tweet Queues, however it is essential for professionals to use the Campaigns, Live Actions, Live Events features which is the core of creating marketing scenarios and lead generation.

So, keep dropping by for more posts about LA.TweetBoss.

Thank you.