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LA.Developer Tutorial - SERVER - Hello World

Published on June 9th, 2016 by LA.Center in Tutorial

This is a quick demonstration of creating your first SERVER Hello World application.

  1. Select from the menu: File - New Project
  2. Select your preferred Language on the left side
  3. Select “SERVER (HTTP Server Interface)” as Project Type
  4. Enter a “myserverapp” as Project Name
  5. Click on the “Create” button

LA.Developer will create your main project file and prepare the project to compile in SERVER mode.

6. Enter the following code at the “start conding here” comment

Basic Dialect:
    Response.setContent("Hello World")
C++, JScript Dialect:
    Response.setContent("Hello World");
Pascal Dialect:
    Response.setContent(’Hello World’);

7. Run the project by selecting from the menu: Project - Run

8. Open your favorite Browser and enter the address http://localhost:8181

As we can see, the SERVER application is running and your first web app executed.

That’s it.