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Why Independent Developers Love Us

Published on June 8th, 2016 by LA.Center (Anil) in Posting

Hi, I am Anil, one of the founders of LA.Center, and this post is about our startup progress and why Independent Developers love us.

You should know, we started about 16 months ago with the development of our platform and on March 2nd 2016 we went live and since then we were able to sell over 120 paying subscriptions. This is of course absolute super fantastic great news, but I wanted to analyze the main reason behind it. To be frank, we still have some startup issues, like documentation and more samples and apps would be great too. So what is it that makes a developer decide to try our platform?

We conducted a small survey with our clients:

Why did you choose LA.Center?

  • 3%: I am a tech geek, I like to try new stuff.
  • 8%: I am a Friend (Friend of Friend, and/or Family) and want to support LA.Center
  • 15%: I like the concept and I want to be involved in the growth of the technology
  • 21%: I am almost certain I can make money with LA.Center
  • 47%: New technology, new opportunities, new market, I want to get in.

What is your occupation?

  • 1%: I am an employee of a big company
  • 2%: I run my own business
  • 5%: I am an Independent Game Developer
  • 11%: I am a Freelancer
  • 81%: I am an Independent Developer

Where did you hear about us?

  • 1%: Found you on Google
  • 26%: Friends told me about you
  • 73%: Found you on Twitter

What impressed you the most about LA.Center?

  • 11%: The freedom of creating my own store
  • 13%: Your ads on Twitter, they are inspiring
  • 13%: The whole concept is great
  • 31%: The fact that you share source code
  • 32%: Live Applications that can run anywhere at anytime

What would you like to see us improve?

  • 4%: Release iOS support a.s.a.p.
  • 7%: LA.Developer Code Editor needs more features
  • 8%: LA.Developer Designer needs more features
  • 17%: Add more 3rd party Cloud components
  • 64%: Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!

Our conclusion is that we are a hit amongst Independent Developers and it seems that most of them are seeking new markets and new opportunities and complain the most about documentation, … Duh. So there you have it, our Mini-Survey speaks for it self.

Thank you for dropping by.