Native SaaS and PaaS Platform

1. Problem

Consumers want to access their apps/services from any device!
Development costs to target all platforms, are extremly high.

2. Problem

Should we develop Native or Web or Hybrid apps?
There is no correct answer!

1. Solution

With LA.Store, deploying your apps and/or getting the apps you want has never been easier. No more boxes, no more discs, no more time-consuming installs/updates. Just click and launch.

2. Solution

Should we develop Native or Web or Hybrid apps?
There correct answer is Live Apps!



Traction since March 2nd 2016


Over 120 paid subscriptions / 90 days

Twitter Marketing Progress

Over 1800 Followers / 90 days

Web Stats

Over 26K Unique Hits / 90 days


Live Compiler Technology (LA.Compiler Service)

Packing Technology

Code Streaming and Delivery Technology

Market Size

Store Consumer $51 Billion

Store Developer $18 Billion

Enterprise Developer $36 Billion

Cloud Computing $120 Billion

Business Model

PaaS Consumer

SaaS Consumer

IaaS Consumer

Enterprise Business


Spent since January 2015

Raising for Seed Series

Usage of Funds

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