Cross Platform Rapid Application Development

What is LA.Developer?

LA.Developer is the fastest way to build and update data-rich, hyper connected, visually engaging applications for Android, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Windows, IoT and more using Basic, C++, JScript, or Pascal.
Quickly and easily deliver your apps to your customers with a new unique compiler technology that allows developers to create Native / Live / Web applications in no time, and deliver them through LA.Store without the hassle of long order and/or installation processes. If you want, you can also cross compile your project to a Native single file executable with a single build process and deliver your project the conventional way. Respond quickly to your customers and stand out with your amazing applications and delivery system that runs anywhere at anytime on any platform.

LA.Developer Showcase

LA.Developer Android Showcase

Why LA.Developer is Loved?

  • Light Weight. LA.Developer is stripped from bloated unnecessary features and is extremely Light Weight compared to other IDE's and is fully designed to focus on productivity.
  • Native Compiler. LA.Developer includes a native compiler that can create native executables for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, and IoT Devices targeting ARM/x86/x64 in a single build process.
  • Fast Android Development. Develop Native Android apps without the need to install the Android SDK.
  • Native Cloud. Manage and easily utilize Native Cloud Services with the integrated Live Services Interfaces.
  • Compact Framework. LA.SDK consist out of CLI, CGI, FCGI, SERVER, GAME, UI, and ANDROID Libraries; focused on the solution.

Herbert Herman - Independent Developer

I tried LA.Developer, I liked LA.Developer, I use LA.Developer, that's all I can say.

Michael Bayer - Independent Developer

Ubuntu's Snappy, Windows Store, Apple Store, and others, all of them offer the development, the distribution, and the management of apps. So far the simplest and by far the most diverse solution I have seen is LA.Center's unique solution.

Sandra Visniak - Dymanic Solutions Ltd.

We started our new project for a client with LA.Center SDK, so far everything is going well.

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