Getting Started with LA.Developer

March 1st, 2016

Introduction of LA.SDK, LA.Compiler, and LA.Developer

Introduction to the LA.Center Platform

The LA.Center Platform is a native SaaS/PaaS development platform that enables developers to create native solutions for Android, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, and IoT devices. The LA.Center Platform is extremely versatile and is used to create Native Single Executable Solutions, Live Apps Solutions, Web Solutions, and/or Hybrid Solutions that can be delivered to anybody and anytime on any platform.

To provide a better overview we have divided the LA.Center Platform into 4 sections.

  1. LA.Developer is used to design and code solutions.
  2. LA.SDK is the software development kit.
  3. LA.Compiler is the solution compiler.
  4. Live.Services is the Native Grid/Cloud behind your Live Solutions.

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