Getting Started with LA.Store

March 1st, 2016

LA.Store User Guide - Getting Started with LA.Store


LA.Store is a cross platform App-Store client solution that is used to list multiple owner stores and deliver applications. The LA.Store application has a built in “Application Delivery System", “Live Shortcut System", and “Live Payment System".

The usage of LA.Store and the Eco-System behind it is as follows.

  • App-Store for Public Consumers is a public App-Store in which the apps are listed, sold, and delivered to the general public.
  • App-Store for Private Consumers is a private App-Store and the store can only be accessed with a key. This store solution is used for custom business solutions in which developers publish their solutions for a customer, and only the particular customer has access to the apps.

For example: In LA.Store you will find LA.Center Public Store and LA.Center Private Store.

Getting Started