LA.Developer Account - App-Store Manager

March 1st, 2016

The App-Store (LA.Store) Manager is an interface to create private and/or public stores and publish Live Code, Live XAP, Install, and Download applications and/or content.

The App-Store Manager lists on the left side all your stores and on the right side all apps in a store.

Creating a Store

To create a store simply click on the “Create App-Store” button in the upper left and enter your store information in the store dialog.

Please note that if you leave the “Store Password” field blank that a public store will be created.

Publish Apps/Media to the Store

To publish an application or a media to the store you need to first select the store on the left and then click on the “Add Application” button.

There are 4 different types of media you can publish in a store. The type is determined by the options available in the “How the application is lauched field” e.g. Live Code Launch

Filling out the form is fairly simple but depending on the Launch (App/Media) Type additional preparations are needed.

Please read below the prepartions for:

Live Code Launch