LA.Store Developer Guide

March 1st, 2016

The LA.Store Developer Guide explains the components and code behind LA.Store and is intended for developer who want to create their own App-Store client solution.

The LA.Store application is a client application that connects to LA.Centers Cloud to list App-Stores and applications. Developers have two options to customize and/or create their own store client solution.

  1. Getting the source of LA.Store
  2. Using the TLAStore component in a project

Getting the source of LA.Store

The source of all applications created and published by LA.Center are provided with the LA.Source Browser app. To get the source for LA.Store:

  1. Download and install LA.Store
  2. Start LA.Store and scroll to the LA.Source Browser app.
  3. Click on the “Launch” button.
  4. In LA.Source Browser check mark LA.Store Project in the list.
  5. Click on the “Download” button.

Extract the project and use LA.Developer to customize LA.Store. You are allowed to change it any way you like and distribute it royalty free as long you add “Powered by LA.Center” in your About box.

Using the TLAStore component in a project

The TLAStore component provides all methods to list App-Stores and launch applications.

The work flow would be the following.

  1. List App-Stores
    Example Pascal:
        store: TLAStore;
        i: int;
        store := TLAStore.Create(nil);
        for i := 0 to store.StoreCount -1 do
  2. List Apps in a Store
    Example Pascal:
        i: int;
        for i := 0 to store.Stores[0].ApplicationCount -1 do
  3. Launch the Application
    Example Pascal:

You can always examine the source of LA.Store for more details and/or contact if you need assistance for creating your own App-Store client.

Publishing your Applications

Please read the Getting Started with LA.Developer documentation “Live.Services Section” about publishing your applications on LA.Store.