The LA.Developer Environment

March 1st, 2016

The LA.Developer Environment gives and orientation to the LA.Developer IDE and the LA.SDK Setup process.

LA.Developer is a Live Application and can be launched from the LA.Store. To launch LA.Developer:

  1. If you not have already, download and install LA.Store.
  2. Scroll to the LA.Developer application.
  3. Click on the “Launch” button.
  4. Optionally, create a Live Shortcut to LA.Developer on your Desktop.

Initially LA.Developer does not require any installation. It is a Live Application that includes an internal compiler that enables you to Run/Debug Standard UI Projects.

The LA.Developer IDE consists out of 9 parts:

  1. The Menu Bar contains all commands to operate the IDE.
  2. The Tool Bar contains shortcuts to the most commonly used Menu commands.
  3. The Project View pane lists all project files.
  4. The Toolbox View pane lists all components that can be used in design-time to drop on Forms, Frames, Reports, and Modules.
  5. The Objects View pane lists hierarchically all components that are in the Design-Container.
  6. The Inspector View pane lists all published properties and events of selected objects in the Designer.
  7. The Designer is the Visual Container Editor for Forms, Frames, Reports, and Modules.
  8. The Code/Designer Tabs switches the view between the Code Editor and the Designer.
  9. The Status Bar displays information about the current project, cursor position, and compiler status.

LA.SDK Setup Process

Initially LA.Developer does not require the LA.SDK to Run/Debug projects. The complete LA.SDK is however required when you want to build a project. You need to sign up for a LA.Developer Account to enable the complete LA.SDK and to build your project.

The complete LA.SDK is automatically downloaded and setup once you login to your LA.Developer Account. The complete LA.SDK is only about 140 Mb and LA.Developer will place it to the /home/user/LA.Developer/sdk/ path. After the initial setup, LA.Developer will check for updates each time you login to your LA.Developer account and update the SDK automatically.

Android SDK

The Android SDK is not required if you plan to create Live solutions for Android or plan to run your projects with the XAP-Player app. You need the Android SDK however if you plan to build APK for your projects. You can install the Android SDK anywhere you like on your computer and point the location in the LA.Compiler for Android Window.