Frequently Asked Questions

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LA.Store Questions

  • Is LA.Store Free?
  • Yes, LA.Store is free but depending on the Publisher, you may have to pay for some apps or Digital Content
  • I am on Linux, when I start LA.Store I don't see any apps?
  • LA.Store needs libssl-dev and/or libssl-dev:i386 - you can install them like this on Ubuntu based distributions:
    apt-get install libssl-dev
    apt-get install libssl-dev:i386
  • Which operating systems does LA.Store support?
  • Officially we provide downloads for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, and Windows, but you could compile LA.Store to any platform that is supported by LA.Developer.
  • What is a Live Application?
  • Live Applications are binary code that execute partially on the host computer, and partially on a Native Cloud server. They are Hybrid executables so to speak.
  • Some apps offered as "Download" in LA.Store and can't be launched, why?
  • It depends on the application design, some publishers want you to download and install their solution. These are mostly apps written on a different platform.
  • Why do we need Live Applications?
  • Live Applications inherit the positive features of Native Applications and Web Applications. For example: Clients don't need to update (like web apps) and don't have a performance bottle neck like a Browser software, and have almost the performance of a locally installed Native apps. Live Applications need the Internet only during launch, after that they can work offline. Most importantly, sensitive data can be stored locally on the client machine. Distribution of Live Application is easy, Publish on Store -> Click to Launch. Overall Development, Deployment, and Maintenance Costs drop up to 60%.
  • Can LA.Store be a Business solution for a local network?
  • Yes, LA.Store is a client software that can be configured to connect and launch apps in a local network.
  • How can I publish apps on LA.Store?
  • You need a) LA.SDK License, and b) LA.Developer to publish your apps.
  • I have a solution written in Delphi/C#, can I publish it on LA.Store?
  • Yes, but not as Live Applications. You can publish them as "Download - Install" or "Portable-Apps" solutions.
  • How many Stores can I create?
  • You can create as many Public and Private Stores as you need, there are no limitations.
  • My apps only support Windows, can I still publish it on LA.Store?
  • Yes, you can specify the target operating systems your apps support and hide them when on Linux for example.
  • Can I sell my apps on LA.Store?
  • Yes, you can either enter your own "Buy Url" or use LA.Center Corporation Live Payment Service.
  • What do you charge for the Live Payment Service?
  • Live Payment Service charges 5% + 50 US Cent for each transaction.
  • How do I activate my Live Payment Service?
  • Launch the LA.Live Payment app from the LA.Center Public Store and register. This app also provides your account balance and sales reports.
  • Can I rate apps in LA.Store?
  • No, each app is listed in its own Owner Store, thus a rating would be not relevant. However, you can report an app and we will investigate.
  • Can I customize and/or build my own LA.Store?
  • Yes, you can either clone the LA.Store source and customize it or you can build your own store client using the TLAStore component.

LA.Developer Questions

  • Which operating systems does LA.Developer support?
  • LA.Developer can run on any operating system that LA.Store can run on. The LA.SDK can currently target Android ARM/x86, Linux ARM/x86/x64, FreeBSD x86/x64, Mac OSX, Windows CE, and Windows x86/x64, but soon also iOS, and more.
  • LA.Developer is a Live Application in the LA.Store, is there an offline installer as well?
  • Yes, if you purchase a Perpetual License for LA.SDK, you will be able to download the offline installer of LA.Developer including the latest version of LA.SDK.
  • What is Live Code?
  • Live Code is the binary code format that runs purely on a Native Cloud server but is interpreted on the local host machine as native code.
  • What is a XAP Package?
  • XAP is the binary code format that runs partially on the host machine and partially on a Native Cloud server.
  • Can I compile native apps?
  • Yes, you can cross compile your project with a single build process to all target platforms LA.SDK currently supports.
  • I have a subscription license, will my apps expire when I cancel my subscription.
  • No, all licenses offered by us are Royalty-Free; Any native application you compile will never expire; All your Stores and Live Applications will remain active.
  • Where is the LA.SDK?
  • Depending on your license it will be A) automatically downloaded to your local machine (~120 MB) or B) delivered with an installer. The LA.SDK is always updated automatically each time you login to your account, if updates are available. LA.Developer Free Version does not include the LA.SDK and can RUN/DEBUG projects but not BUILD projects.
  • What is the difference of UI Standard and Advanced?
  • UI Standard is optimal for x86/x64, and ARM platforms, whereas UI Advanced contains components that are not supported on ARM platforms.
  • Does LA.SDK support COM/OLE
  • Yes, you can use COM/OLE objects for Windows targets only.
  • Can I build Windows Store or Apple Store apps?
  • Technically, yes you could, but No, unfortunately these Stores do not allow third party integration.
  • Do Live Applications require the Internet to operate?
  • Yes and No! Yes, only during launch and if any Live Service is used e.g. Live DB; and No, once the Live Application is launched it does not require the Internet anymore to operate.
  • What languages does LA.SDK support?
  • You can write apps in the Basic, C++, JScript, and Pascal dialects, or even mix and mingle languages in the same project with the #dialect switch which we implemented for team development with different language background.
  • Where can I get support?
  • Your support plan is included with your license. Launch the LA.Support Tickets app in the LA.Center Public Store to create and manage your Support Tickets. Alternatively you can also launch the LA.Support Forum app to access our Developer Forum. Finally, you can also request support by sending an email to
  • Is LA.SDK Object Oriented, can I create custom classes?
  • No, the LA.SDK is a "Event Driven Procedural Framework". In LA.SDK the Code, Data, and Content Layer are completely separated to provide independent multi-host capability.
  • Can I customize LA.Developer?
  • Yes, you can clone the LA.Developer source and customize it.

Licensing Questions

  • Can I get a custom Subscription Plan?
  • No, at this point we can not offer a custom subscription plan.
  • It has been over an hour since I have purchased a license and I still have not received my account information.
  • Your account information is sent automatically after a successful order, but unfortunately some mail domains do not accept yet emails sent from a .center extension. There is nothing to worry, we usually discover and follow up in such case within 2-3 hours and resend your account information manually using our gateway to ensure delivery. However, you can send us an email to to speed up the process.
  • My perpetual license expired, how long do I have to renew it before I must purchase a new license?
  • There is not penalty for not renewing your license. You always stay our customers. You may renew your license at anytime with an automatic 50% discount.
  • What does 'Open' and 'Closed' mean in the Source Code License?
  • 'Open' means that you can use the source code to create commercial applications but you MUST SHARE the modified source code and make it accessible publicly. You MUST also CLEARLY STATE the origin of your application with the phrase "Powered by LA.Center" or "Cloned from LA.Center"
    'Closed' means that you can use the source code to create commercial proprietary solutions and are NOT REQUIRED TO SHARE the modified source code and you are NOT REQUIRED TO STATE the origin of your application.
  • Can I rebrand LA.Store and/or LA.Developer and publish it?
  • Yes, you are allowed to rebrand any application that has been published by LA.Center Corporation as long the Source Code License is respected.

Native Cloud Questions

  • What is Native Cloud?
  • Native Cloud is our scalable Cloud server technology that can process and stream Native Code portions and execute parallel tasks. Live Code and XAP Packages can run on a Native Cloud server and deliver machine (native) code to the client. Executing native tasks results in performance increase, energy savings, and cost savings. Although the HipHop (HHVM) engine project from Facebook is not similar to our technology, it is a good example for how much performance is gained by executing native code on a Cloud.
  • Can I license a Native Cloud server, can I have my own Native Cloud Platform?
  • Yes, we do offer Native Cloud Server license with our Active Partner Agreement.
  • Which OS is needed for Native Cloud?
  • Ubuntu Server 14.x or 16.x

Investment Questions

  • How can I invest in your business and become a partner?
  • We offer A) Silent Shareholders Agreement, B) Active Partner Agreement, and C) Active Reseller Agreement. Each agreement is designed for a specific investment purpose. Please contact for a detailed consultation of investment opportunities.
  • What are "Backers"?
  • "Backers" are individuals and/or businesses who believe in our technology and support our vision. They have purchased LA.Center Corporation company shares and help us to grow.
  • I am a Venture Capitalist, do you have a Pitch-Deck?
  • Yes, we're bold and keep our vision, investment, and our progress fully transparent to the public. Here is our Pitch-Deck

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