Octus Concept Machine


Code Name "Galileo"

The Revolution!
Galileo started the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. We choose the code name "Galileo" because we believe that Octus will become revolutionary and liberate people from operating systems that have become over the years bloated, unnecessary energy consuming, and flat out exhausting to work with.

With an intuitive but elegant design, Octus is simply enchanting in every aspect.

Octus Concept Machine


Build on Linux Kernel

Robust with Maximum Security!
Octus has a Linux Kernel and therefore is very robust and reliable. Every security aspect has been redefined to make it just right. You can easily manage and launch your Live Apps with the Apps Drawer that is never in your way but always ready.

Octus is not working against you, it is smoothly humming for you.

Octus Concept Machine

Native Android

We have redefined Android!

No Java! Only Native!
Octus is available for Tablets, Phones, and IoT Devices. We have extensively changed the Android OS to become pure native and unified it to the Octus Concept:

  • write once! run anywhere!
  • seamless switch desktop/touch-screen
  • native performance everywhere!

  • From now on, Apps can run natively on any device!


Early Access Program

for Manufacturers and Developers

Octus is currently in early Alpha-Status and not ready for testing. We are testing continously on different devices and still writing heavily code. We have scheduled our "Early Access Program" to start in January 2017, and the full release of Octus in September 2017.

The "Early Access Program" is initiated to allow Manufacturers and Developer who are potentially planning to produce devices or applications for the Octus. Our "Early Access Program" will give access to a fully working image of Octus and Customization Manuals. Please contact us for more information.

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