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What is LA.Store?

LA.Store is an App-Store currently available for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. It is the primary means of distributing cross platform native apps without the need to install the apps on the client. Both free and paid apps can be distributed through LA.Store supporting multiple Owner-Stores.

With LA.Store, deploying your apps and/or getting the apps you want has never been easier. No more boxes, no more discs, no more time-consuming installation. Just click and launch.

LA.Store Showcase

Todo Live Application Showcase

LA.Store Features

  • Multiple Stores. LA.Store provides access to multiple stores from multiple publishers. Choose the best one for you.
  • Click Delivery. LA.Store is capable of launching Live Applications with one click. No need to install anything.
  • Native Performance. LA.Store provides high performing Live Applications that are Native to the operating system. e.g. Android, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Windows, and IoT devices.
  • Local or Native Cloud or Hybrid LA.Store delivers applications that are capable of running locally, on the cloud, or hybrid. Users have the option to save sensitive data locally.
  • Live Shortcut For your convenience, LA.Store can create Live Shortcuts of your favorite apps right on your Desktop or in your Start Menu.

Herbert Herman - Independent Developer

Linux is becoming more popular than ever, an App-Store that runs on Linux is just amazing. This is a good alternative to the forced Apple / Goolgle / Microsoft app store monopoly.

Sandra Visniak - Dymanic Solutions Ltd.

Being able to deliver and manage our project through the LA.Store was the key factor for using LA.Center SDK.

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